Sunday Oct 9, 2022

Cottonwood Creek Park
95 N. Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas

For Exhibitor Questions, Please Contact:

John Gjata


Iqbal Rashid
Exhibitor Chair


When: Oct 9, 2022 10:00am-4:00pm
Where: Cottonwood Creek Park, 95 N. Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024

This free, annual, family-friendly event celebrates more than 13 years of bringing together eco-minded businesses and organizations with about 1900 attendees North County residents in a fun, interactive atmosphere. EcoFest has wide support from partners like City of Encinitas, EDCO, San Diego Community Power, SDG&E, Leichtag Foundation, etc.!


EcoFest is known for its incredible quality attendees – dedicated and involved people investing in a green lifestyle. Encinitas is known for its eco-consciousness, leading the way with bold environmental policy measures (CAP, plastic ban, etc.), with the highest electric vehicle ownership in SD county (SD is 1st ZEV/capita & 2nd solar/capita in the US!), > 16% solar panel households, and median household income > $120k!


A celebration of the entire environmental community, EcoFest offers attendees the chance to engage with over 75 exhibitors while enjoying organic food and beverages (in our Libations Lounge), as well as live music and other performances by local artists. EcoFest also showcases alternative fuel vehicles, eBike test rides, green homes, green careers, new eco-solutions using renewable energy, and much more!

"All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports"

- Chief Seattle

Future community leaders from elementary to high school will also be at EcoFest with their environmentally-focused projects at the Kids’ Planet area. Kids of all ages will enjoy the music, bike rodeo, live animals and other activities all day.


EcoFest’s goals are to connect and transform the community through information and inspiration, building on the past and looking ahead to the future - exploring new ways to live sustainably. We want to create a long-lasting legacy for future generations through collaboration with government, businesses, and community organizations.


EcoFest is a zero-waste event, redefining the concept of waste. We also encourage attendees to ride, walk, or bus. And, we hold an eco-scavenger hunt! Participants will be rewarded with tickets in our Opportunity Drawings throughout the day.  

Join the EcoFest family!



(1 10'x10' space, 1 table, 2 chairs)


Prime location in high traffic areas, next to popular activity


Regional Exhibitor

Regional or large business not in the North County region or revenue > $1MM


North County Exhibitor

Local North County business or government agencies



Nonprofit organizations & community service/civic groups


*** In special cases, EcoFest grants partial or full booth fee waivers to nonprofits and local
registrations. If your business or organization would benefit the community, and cannot afford
the pricing listed above, please contact EcoFest at info@ecofestencinitas.net. Include your name,
organization, contact information and reason why you would like consideration for a fee waiver.


EcoSavenger Hunt Stop (limited)

Inclusion of your booth as a ‘clue’ on the EcoScavanger hunt.



150 Watt, max. Small electronic devices (ie, laptop, TV). Limited #


10'x10' Canopy


Table Linen


** Booth price includes one 10’x10’ space, one table, and two chairs. **

Food vendors – No booth charge; donation = 15% gross margin

Libations vendors – No booth charge; in-kind donation


EcoFest Registration is a 2-step process: 1) Complete Registration Form (no payment);
2) After confirmation, payment is made with acceptance of event rules (pay via check, or square with a 1.5% fee).

Two-three weeks prior to event, booth location and directions for setup and breakdown will be sent to each exhibitor. Setup is 7:30-9:00am; Cleanup 4:00-5:00pm.

Exhibitors must have a message, cause, product or service that addresses theenvironment or quality of life. The intent is to inform/inspire the public. Only environmentally-relevant goods/services are to be sold at EcoFest. For sales, 10%of gross margin are to be donated to EcoFest , food sales = 15% (Gross margin = totalsales less exhibitor fees paid to EcoFest). Nonprofit fundraising is exempt.

EcoFest is a Zero Waste event complying with City ordinances.Use of single-use plastic bags, straws, wraps, water bottles, & utensils, & polystyrenecontainers is strictly prohibited. Reusable, recyclable materials are strongly encouraged!

All food is to be vegetarian with excess food to be donated. See Food Vendor packet.

Any non-recyclable or non-compostable materials are to be removed by the exhibitor.

EcoFest reserves the right to expel an exhibitor that fails to observe these guidelines.